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Join Our Foundations Program Today:
For the last 12 years we’ve been providing a friendly and supportive community to help men and women over 40 to lose weight and improve their health.

The majority of our members weren’t used to exercising regularly when they joined us, a lot of them had concerns about stepping into the unknown and some of them had worries around existing health issues or injuries.

This is exactly why we’ve created the B Fit Foundations Program, as it allows you to build confidence and ease yourself into a healthier lifestyle at your own pace, whilst also giving you the opportunity to see what it’s like to be a full member at B Fit.  
B Fit Is For You If:
Want to change the way you look and feel
Want to boost your energy levels to get the most out of life
Have tried exercise and dieting in the past only to give up because they haven’t worked
Want to discover simple ways to make the right eating choices at home and when eating out (without dieting)
Are uncomfortable or not confident going into big and overcrowded gyms
You recognise you need expert help & guidance to get you where you want to be
Here's What's Included:
3 focused hours of 1 to 1 personal attention with our expert coaches
Goal Setting and Pre assessment
Movement screen and introduction to fundamental exercises that we use at B Fit
An introduction to our unique nutrition system
2 Weeks unlimited access to our group fitness program (Over 20 classes per week)
For more information call us on 02920 617710
Here's What's Included In The Foundations Program
3 Hours Of One To One Coaching

Part 1:
Goal Setting & Assessment

We'll take your measurements, discuss where you are now, including your medical and past exercise history, then discuss what you want from your time with us.

Part 2:
Movement & Exercise 

We take you through a basic movement screen to outline any ailments or movement issues that may need addressing. We'll also introduce you to some of the fundamental exercises that we use at B Fit.

Part 3:
Nutrition & Habit Building

We’ll analyse 5-7 days worth of your daily food intake and show you through our unique nutrition program, you’ll leave with a clear understanding of our guidelines and simple steps to improve your eating habits.

Part 4: 
A Personal Program

We'll take you through a personal training session that has been specifically designed to your goals and needs and outline the best options for you to achieve your goals.
Here's A Few Of Our Already Successful Members
"I can now see my muscles"

"I started training with B Fit as I  was wasting my time in the gym, not knowing what I was doing. After 12 weeks on the program I now feel great, I lost weight and can now see my muscles coming through! The results were far better than I expected."
Rachel Goold, 
I have completely changed my body shape and have now lost almost 4 stone"

"I was going on 24 stone, struggling to do day-to-day things due to being severely overweight, I had very low self-esteem and everything was such an effort for me, after several sessions later and seeing massive results, I became hooked. 

 "In seven weeks, I’ve lost 3 stone "

"I've never felt better, in seven weeks, I’ve lost 3 stone and between all my measurements, I’ve lost 22 inches around my body. What does that mean in real terms? I’ve lost six inches around my chest and 7.5 inches from around my waist."
Helen Rees
I've lost 1 stone and 12lbs so far!

"I had tried gyms and diets in the past but never seemed to stick to it longer than a few weeks. I've been at B Fit for 11 months now and have lost 1 stone and 12 lbs.

 “12 Weeks Down The Line And I'm 3 1/2 Stone Lighter ”

After just 3 weeks, I lost a stone – 18st 11lbs down to 17st 11lbs!  A further 12 weeks down the line, I’m 3 1/2 stone lighter, healthier and now med free! In fact, I am now classified Diabetes resolved. CURED."
Jan Twomey 
 “I Lost 3 Stone”

"It feels nice to buy clothes 2 sizes smaller than this time last year. I'm a lot more active and i'm enjoying going out with my children, things like swimming and long walks - previously I would have always made an excuse. I now feel more confident in myself, I feel more alert, I have more energy and am a lot happier."
Disclaimer: Our featured success stories followed our full nutrition program and exercised 2-4x/week. Individual results may vary.
Frequently Asked Questions
I’m unfit & haven’t trained for years, will it work for me?
This program was designed specifically for people like you. Our goal is to work closely with you one on one to  boost your confidence and to ensure that you gradually and successfully introduce new healthy habits into your lifestyle. Our coaches will be with you every step of the way and ensure you work out at a level that suits.
I’ve tried diet & exercise in the past, how's this different?
We are a guaranteed results business, and provide a different level of coaching and accountability if you don’t look and feel better in 6 weeks, we will return your entire investment!
I work long hours, will I be able to fit it in?
We are open from 6:15am-8:30pm midweek with sessions available throughout the day.  We are also open on Saturdays from 730am-12pm.
What happens after the program?
By the time you have completed the foundations program you will be well informed on the results we deliver and have a good idea of which of our regular memberships will be best for you.
All of our most successful clients train with us year round.
Where Are We:

B Fit Personal Training
St Peter's Rugby Club,
Minster Road,
CF23 5AS
Kev Foley
Owner of B Fit Personal training and family man. Kev has over 15 years experience in the industry and has an endless passion for helping over 40's to lose weight and improve their health, whilst making it a part of their everyday life.
Disclaimer: Our featured success stories followed our full nutrition program and exercised 2-4x/week. Individual results may vary.

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